What Is Gauteng 2018 - Sharing Hope and Healing?

Gauteng 2018 : Sharing Hope and Healing is a social responsibility and moral regeneration project designed by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Daily Devotions and Living

It is Written

It Is Written's channel for a 1 minute daily devotional called "Every Word."

Go Healthy for Good

Go Health for Good - Health & Wellness TV show with Dr Nerida McKibben.

Real Marriage Talk

We’re your hosts, Willie and Elaine Oliver, and we’re glad you’ve stopped by for a visit.

Gauteng 2018 : Sharing Hope and Healing

Contact Persons

Ps. M. Ngwaru

Mobile: (+27) 83 460 7527

Email : ngwaru@gauteng2018.org

Mrs. R. Reyneke

Mobile: (+27) 82 447 5278

Email : reyneke@gauteng2018.org

Revival Sites

Interested to locate a revival site near you ?