Gauteng 2018


What Is Gauteng 2018?

Gauteng 2018 is a social responsibility and moral regeneration project designed by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The project has been dubbed Gauteng 2018 due to its geographical location, which is the Gauteng province, in South Africa. The main emphasis is focused on the year 2018. However, the launch, preparation, implementation and follow-up events span from 2017 to 2020.

The Gauteng Province is of special significance to the Adventist church in that it is home to the headquarters of our Southern Africa -Indian Ocean Division, which is comprised of twenty-three countries including some Atlantic and Indian Ocean islands. More importantly, South Africa, especially Cape Town, was the gateway of the Adventist faith into the greater part of Africa in the 1800s. It is against this background, that the church finds it suitable to return a good favor to the people of South Africa as we often do to other countries. Again, It should go on record that the Adventist church in South Africa is enjoying religious freedom and our mission is well appreciated across provinces.

What is Sharing Hope and Healing?

Sharing hope and healing is at the very heart of our mission. We exist to partner with all traditional, civil and national leaders who endeavor to combat crime, substance abuse, poverty, destitution, hunger, disease, marital infidelity and divorce, and many other social ills that hinder young people to realize their good dreams. While we eagerly wait for the Second Coming of Christ, we, however, have a duty to alleviate human suffering here and now through ministries that lead to disease prevention, stable marriages and families, job creation, reduction of crime, empowered young people and many other positive life choices. This is our way of healing nations and communities.

Through various programs such as the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), Meals on Wheels (MOWCS), Adventist Community Services (ACS) and many specializing departmental ministries of the church, to mention a few, we are seeing people’s lives, relationships, health and future being transformed. Thus, there is hope that any situation can improve. This is the hope that inspires us and that is what we want the people of Gauteng and the rest of the world to enjoy. We have been doing the same at a low rate in South Africa over the years. But now we feel it’s time we did more as social challenges seem to take an incremental manifestation.

Programs and Services

Gauteng 2018 covers a wide array of programs and services. A few examples include:

  • Marriage and family enrichment
  • Children’s character building activities
  • Adolescence moral guidance and counselling
  • Parenting
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Developing/maintaining disease preventive health and wellness lifestyle
  • Healthful nutrition and cooking classes
  • Dealing with various family abuses
  • Crime prevention and reduction
  • Spiritual support and enrichment
  • Mental health

We hope this project will be a life changing experience for you.